The Seven-Diamonds Corporation

Seven Diamonds company was established in 1996 to manufacture a wide range of products including galvanized, cold-rolled steel, stainless steel sheets, and steel sections.

Factory construction began in 2001 and by 2003 production was started with an initial capacity of 100,000 tons galvanized steel sheets with a thickness of 0.3mm to 2mm and width of 1000mm or 1250mm. The Galvanized steel sheets production supply 15% of Iran’s market and 20 to 40 percent of production export to the international market.

Seven Diamonds Company received an appreciation letter from the minister of industries, mines, and trade as an exceptional industrial complex, in addition, it is the second-largest manufacturer of galvanized steel sheets in Iran which created a lot of jobs in the region and play important role in reaching industrial development independence and economic growth in the country.

Receiving national standard and ISO 9001:2008 certification for galvanized steel sheet production shows Seven Diamonds’ commitment to increasing the quality of its products. In this regard, the new goal is to work toward receiving ISO 14000, ISO 18000, and EFQM international certifications.

The fully equipped laboratories of Seven Diamonds Company are capable of administering a wide range of tests on different kinds of steel sheets and sections, galvanized steel, etc. with the certification of approval by the national standard organization of Iran and industrial research and training center of Iran.

The first phase of cold-rolled steel sheets production started production in 2008 with a nominal capacity of 800,000 tons per year which in addition to supplying the galvanized steel sheet production in Seven Diamonds Company also supplies local and international markets.

  • Stable engagement with business partners in order to deliver the best-suited product for customer’s needs on time and increasing quality, satisfaction, and mutual benefit.
  • Attracting the best talents and empowering our personnel to increase their specialty, loyalty, and responsibility.
  • Optimizing the usage of financial and energy resources and protecting the environment by using modern technology.

.Using local knowledge and abilities with minimum resources to become the largest producer of cold-rolled and coated steel sheets in Iran and the region

  • Attention to beneficiaries’ affairs: We try to increase the value-added in our products to gain the satisfaction of beneficiaries.
  • Customer orientation: Customer satisfaction is one of our main priorities.
  • Keeping profitability: By reducing costs and improving efficiency.
  • Special attention to quality: By using modern and up-to-date technology, we guarantee the quality of our products.
  • Special attention to human resources: Saving human dignity is our most important principle in developing humane resources.
  • Learning, Creativity, Innovation for constant improvement, which would make us relevant and successful.

  • Establishment, Maintenance, and constant improvement of general safety and health management system according to OHSAS 2007 standard.
  • Prioritizing health and safety issues in all company activities and contractors.
  • Compliance with laws and rules related to the steel industry and following successful examples around the world.
  • Improving the culture of safety and occupational health.
  • Prediction, identification, evaluation of removing or controlling harmful substances, conditions, and unsafe activities in order to prevent illness and accidents.

  • Compliance with environmental rules and laws.
  • Reducing the consumption of resources such as water and energy.
  • Identifying environmental aspects and managing them the best way with constant improvements.
  • Commitment to prevent all kinds of environmental pollution.
  • Creating a sense of responsibility in our personnel to protect the environment and reducing the pollutants by training and participation.

Managing Director

Mr.Nasrullah Izadpanah

Quality Control Laboratory

With specialized tests in various fields at Seven Diamonds industries laboratories, the quality of raw materials, performance of manufacturing processes are evaluated and compliance of products with national and international is ensured.

The laboratory has received valid certificates such as a certificate of competence of the laboratory according to ISO 17025 from the National Authority of Certification of Iran to improve the quality level, the correctness, and accuracy of the results of the laboratory reports

The Laboratories of the Seven Diamond Industries as a reference laboratory in the field of steel meet the needs of production lines, also are working with the universities, institutions, and organizations as well as other customers.

Among the capabilities of the laboratory of the Seven Diamond Industries Company in the field of input materials, processes and products, we can mention the following:

  • PH
  • TDS
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Water total and Calcium hardness
  • Alkalinity measurement
  • Chloride measurement
  • COD

  • PH and Electrical conductivity
  • Corrosion rate
  • Concentration measurement
  • Iron ion content
  • Stability test
  • Soap number measurement
  • Tramp oil measurement
  • Acidic number
  • Chloride measurement
  • Density
  • Stack stain test

  • Grain size
  • Density
  • Viscometery
  • Paint coverage measurement
  • Solid and volume percentage
  • Spectrometry, Glassmetry
  • Paint durability test

  • Coating mass measurement via gravimetry method
  • Tensile test
  • Surface hardness test
  • Chemical analyze via spectrophotometry
  • Salt spray test
  • Bending and impact test
  • Coating thickness measurement
  • Pencil hardness test
  • Spectrometry and glassmetry
  • Coating durability tests